Scan API conformance

API Conformance Scan is a dynamic runtime analysis of your API to check that the implementation behind your API and the behavior of the backend service matches the contract set out in the OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) definition of the API.

We have introduced a new version of Conformance Scan, referred to as Scan v2. For backward compatibility and to avoid the adoption of the new version disrupting your day-to-day work, we have retained the previous version, Scan v1, and you can choose to continue to use it until June 2024. Both versions of Conformance Scan share the same core features and operation, but the new Scan v2 offers additional features and more flexibility. Where applicable, the difference between the versions has been clearly indicated in this documentation.

You can run Scan v1 in 42Crunch Platform or on premises as a Docker image. Scan v2 is currently available only as Docker image for on-premises scan. Scan v2 does not yet support customization rules.