Scan API conformance

API Conformance Scan is a dynamic runtime analysis of your API to check that the implementation behind your API and the behavior of the backend service matches the contract set out in the OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) definition of the API.

Both OpenAPI Specification v2 and v3 are supported.

The scan generates real traffic to the selected API endpoint and could incur costs depending on your setup.

For best results, make sure that your OpenAPI definition is valid and well-formatted before you scan it. The API must be deployed so that the API endpoint is live, and the backend server your API uses must be accessible to Conformance Scan. Otherwise the API cannot be scanned.

If your account belongs to the free community organization, you cannot scan APIs in 42Crunch Platform, but you can still use the on-premises version of the scan.

Conformance Scan can have potential side effects: APIs can throw exceptions, fail, and data can be affected. As per our terms and conditions, you must only scan APIs that you own, and only against non-production systems and non-production data! Do not use Conformance Scan in production environment!