IDE integration

The earlier you start thinking about the well-formedness and security of your APIs, the less you need to backtrack to fix issues later on. Follow best practices already when developing your OpenAPI definitions makes getting it right less of a chore. You can install the extension OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor to your IDE to integrate API Security Audit with your integrated development environments (IDEs). This lets you start auditing your OpenAPI definition already when you are working on it.

You can also integrate Security Audit with your CI/CD pipeline so that any changes to APIs in your project are automatically audited for security. For more details, see CI/CD integrations.

Supported IDEs

The integration extension OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor is currently available for the following IDEs:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  • JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse IDE

You can find links to more details for all supported options from the 42Crunch Platform landing page.

Screenshot of the available integrations on the platform home page

The IDE extension uses IDE tokens to access and authenticate to 42Crunch Platform. You can create IDE tokens in 42Crunch Platform, either on the landing page or in your account settings.