42Crunch Platform release, July 31, 2019

This 42Crunch Platform release introduces two new features, Security Editor and Trace Explorer, as well as some smaller improvements to the user experience.


This release is compatible with the following API Firewall images:

  • 42crunch/apifirewall:v0.7.0

All previous image versions have been deprecated and are not compatible with this version of the platform.

New features

Security Editor

Security Editor is an editing view integrated with API Security Audit:

  • Fix security issues that Security Audit found in your API directly in 42Crunch Platform. No need to re-import or upload new API versions separately.
  • Jump directly to the correct spot in your API definition.
  • See your API definition and information on how to fix the issue side by side.
  • Automatically re-calculate the audit score after fixing the issues to see the impact of your fixes.
  • Filter out the less important issues to focus on the important ones first.
  • Check how many points each issue takes from your audit score and fix the ones with biggest impact to quickly increase the score and the security of your API.

For more details, see Security Editor.

Trace Explorer

Trace Explorer lets you view the trace of API transactions that API Firewall has blocked:

  • Get feedback and details on blocked calls, making protection predictable.
  • Quickly home in on the trace of any API from any collection you have access to.
  • Check where the transaction originated and why exactly it got blocked.
  • See the steps API Firewall processed in the request and response flows, and what was the latency in each step.

For more details, see Trace Explorer.

UX improvements

There are also several smaller additions to improve the user experience: